March 26, 2019

About MMOA



I Promise We’ll Open Again Soon. It’s Just Been a REALLY Busy Time With Our Recent Awards And Success
We feel it important to concentrate on our new students for now. Their success is paramount!

The MMOA method of making money online is based on replication. You’d don’t try and re-invent the wheel. You don’t “go out there ALL GUNS blazing with a scattergun approach and hope you’ll somehow get stinking rich. What you do is follow a proven business model. You follow a process of steps that will lead you to where the money is.

These are the skills we teach at MMOA. Students are taken though the WHOLE Process of what it takes to make money online.

And at MMOA, that process of steps is short and direct. Members follow a simple step-by-step action plan. Every training phase is focused to taking action and NOT spending time learning more and more.

I Believe that Newcomers Should “FOCUS ON A PINHEAD”!

You take one tiny step. You complete the step and you’ve become skilled at doing that. You then take another tiny step and you become more skilled. The process continues until you have no other option than to make money.

People fail for simple reasons. It’s the Little Things that cause the most damage. Things like building and maintaining your own website. Newbies think they have the skills to become a webmaster over night. It’s not so. Even with WP blogs, there is still some important tasks that, if done wrong can cause you a whole heap of problems.

What about Products? This is another little problem that causes mayhem for people just starting out on the internet. And there are the skills required to attract potential customers, keep the search engines happy, create content that’ll keep your visitors interested long enough for you to get them to “TAKE ACTION”!

At MMOA Students Follow A 3 Step Process To Making Money

I could teach you to become an expert at everything. I could bring in a thousand professionals each with a different skill to show you. But would you benefit from ALL that advice? The simple answer is no. Why? Because you need to focus on getting people interested in your product (or your service, or your business), AND NOTHING ELSE!!

Connecting with people. That’s your soul aim. Thats how you REALLY make money online. And that can be achieved in 3 steps, WITHOUT having to know everything there is to know. You don’t need to know everything about everything, especially at the beginning.

It’s very easy to become over-stressed when you have no real knowledge. But if you focus-in on a pinhead AND keep moving forward, you’ll complete the money making process without ever breaking into a sweat, or losing one nights sleep. And you’ll do it quickly.

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