March 26, 2019

MMOA - The Art And Science Of Running A Successful Online Business

If making money online was easy, the fail rate would not be 95%+

The truth of what it really takes to build a successful online business is way beyond what most people think. In fact, the reason that 95% of people fail miserably (in less than a few months), is based on the BS that floats around the interent. There's too much bad information, there's to many lies, there's far to many scammers and the so-called guru's are only there to make you buy more, and more, and more!

If You Want To Make Money Online You'd Better Wake Up And Stop Dreaming.

People are quickly sucked in to the dream of making money in 30 days, or even overnight. They listen to the guru's, they read the exciting sales-copy and they start thinking like a fool. I know that for sure, because I was also that same dreaming fool for far to long.

It's not their fault, it's yours! It really is too easy to blame it on the people selling you the dream. Why is it their faut? They don't hold a knife to your throat when you pull out your credit card. They don't hold a gun to your head when you click the sales button, so why do we fall into the trap of thinking we can all get rich in less than a month?

In truth, there are a multiple of reason that make us do crazy things, it really depends on your situation. What I can tell you is that we are all looking for the easy path to making fast cash, and the interent is labeled as the place where people can do it overnight, so it's emotions and the need to find the road to easy street is why we are sucked into the marketing junk.

Making money quickly is the dream to easily sold on the internet.

They say that your heart is closer to your pocket than your brain. It's why SO many people make the foolish mistake of thinking an ebook or a report is going to hold all the answers to making you stinking rich with no real effort. It's a great statement that definitely holds true for marketing professionals, that's why the marketers play to your emotions.

skilled Internet marketers know that you think with your heart and not your brain, and they know that if they push the right buttons, you'll rush to your credit card or PayPal account and happily give them your money. Had you stopped and used your brain, you would hear all the alarm bells ringing in your head and your money would stay safe.

"Learn to educate yourself and you will make money, and it's much cheaper than buying get rich quick books"

At MMOA, students are drilled in the art of what it really means to become successful online. We don't focus on getting rich quick. In stead students are taught to knuckle down and "educate themselves" on the science and art of what it really means to gain life long wealth, and that's the real difference of what it takes to make money online quickly.

The truth is simple.

You follow a tested "proven" business model and you get busy educating yourself. You follow someone who has actual proof of how they made money and you stick to them like glue. You replicate their skills and you work hard to learn everything you can. You focus SUPER HARD on connecting with people and you keep it real.

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